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of america in marin. we now know why that man is so upset. >> he isn't after money but he feels ripped off. rights now negotiators are trying to end a standoff on core data ma deer a. police have several intersections blocked. heather homes has been on the scene all evening as investigators work to end the situation peacefully. heather. >> reporter: it's not cash but a conversation the man tonight is demanding to speak to the ceo of bank of america saying the bank ripped him off. right now here at this 76 gas station across the street from the bank negotiators are inside talking the man trying to talk him out. but i'm told that they'll wait it out until they learn the man is mentally ill and hasn't been taking his medication. ktvu cameras caught the man with a bank of america grudge. walking around a benke took over 6 hours ago. >> i was trembling. >> reporter: she said she was depositing a check and she went silent and a look of fear on her hive. >> he was not pointing the gun to anybody, he was moving the gun, he told me if you want to get out just get out. >> reporter: silva though was
a key role in the upcoming america's cup challenge even though it will not be racing. >> reporter: is so fast the owners say they do not know its limits. >> we will race for one race only. >> reporter: it won the 33rd america's cup arrived in pieces early this morning and about is considered an ambassador for the 34th america's cup set for 2013 in san francisco. it arrives just two weeks before the budget analyst for the county board of supervisors is set to release a new study tallying how much property deals made to win the race will cost the city. >> you are talking about some of the most prime real estate in all of san francisco; right? we want to make sure we are not intentionally or unintentionally giving giveaways that would have been the best interest of our consumers. >> reporter: with the race less than two years away, the city has fast-track environmental study of the project. >> we want to make sure our impact is as low as possible. >> the race brings a sense of uncertainty for some business owners facing eviction from piers along the route. >> they have been pretty aggressiv
transportation for america which released a study based on federal bridge inspection data. >> in the nine county bay area, 20% of our bridges are structurally deficient. so that is greatly higher than the national average of 11.5%. >> reporter: san francisco ranked among the most with 31% over passes raided insufficient. some voters say they are not surprised. >> it would not surprise me. they have been around for a long time. i'm sure when they were built they were state-of-the-art but times have changed since then. >> reporter: caltrans shows the need for more federal funding to maintain state and local bridges but a spokesman says the structurally deficient ratings should not worry drivers. >> what it means is that that is the amount of work that takes to keep it operational. it does not mean that it isn't any imminent danger. >> reporter: congress is expected to set an transportation funding needed to share people it is unclear is whether they will provide enough money for all of these bridge repairs. jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> we are on storm watch as more rain rolls into the
a bank with a gunman inside. police arrived that bank of america on tamalpais drive at 4:30 this afternoon. our crew on the scene say police told them all thement ploys got out safely and the gunman is communicating by putting notes on the bank door. the man told everyone to leave the bank. we have a crew standing by. >>> to the latest in japan. reeling from friday's earthquake and a massive tsunami. today a 3rd explosion rocked japan as engineered scramble to prevent a release of radiation. more than 2,000 bodies have washed ashore. and 15,000 reported missing, 1500 deaths have been confirmed. adam housely has the latest from japan. >> reporter: earthquake and tsunami and aftershocks. now the threat of a nuclear melt down. >> the device to cool the rods has been dysfunctioned and the water level did start to fall. [ speaking foreign language ] >> they are coming to the correct conclusions but it's doubtful whether they are correctly reporting the conclueses. >> japan asked the u.s. for help dealing with multiple reactors at multiple locations. obmonday another hydrogen e
's according to the associated general contractors of america. it's giving the s curve its build america merit award. the group says the construction job was well done, even if it's not appreciated. critics blame the s curve for several serious accidents including a fatal crash in which a truck driver plunged over the side. >>> there was chilling testimony today from the confessed killer of journalist chauncey bailey as the trial of yusuf beyiv. >> reporter: in an alameda county courtroom today key witness devaughndre broussard calmly testified that the leader gave broussard a gun and told them to kill chauncey bailey, to take him out before he completes his article. in his second day on the witness stand, he told the jury that the leader referred to chauncey bailey as quote that blank who killed my father. bey the 4th was referring to unflattering articles that bailey had written about the bakery. earlier today broussard testified that a month before shooting bailey, bey ordered him to whack the father of the man convicted of killing bey's brother. he said bey told him to get the opportunity
that he took action without congressional debate. >> this is not america versus libya. this is the world. this is an extraordinary achievement by a president and secretary of state to get the whole world to come together. my view is that he did the right thing. >> house republicans are calling on the president to clarify the u.s. mission in libya. analysts say the five-day attack has cost between 4-$5 million. >>> a poll finds that voters opinions of senator boxer grew more negative and tonight remain mixed breed 42% say they approve of the job senator boxer is doing. 40% disapproved. she draws strong support from democrats. democrats hold a positive view of five term senator dianne feinstein. among registered democrats, 68% say they approve of the job she's doing, 17% disapprove. >>> back now to our storm watch coverage were all of this rain and snow has eased fears of a drought or are we seeing too much of a good thing? tom vacar reports. >> reporter: every few seconds they release enough water to fill to gasoline truck. >> are reservoirs would be refilled at the end of this spring an
countries. the united states of america is different. and as president, i refuse to wait for the images of slaughter and mass gaves before taking action. >> reporter: and while condemning gadhafi, the president reiterated that u.s. ground forces will not invade libya because the costs will be too high. >> to be blunt we went down that road in iraq. >> reporter: after the speech john mccain said that gadhafi should be taken out and the president didn't go far enough. if we tell gadhafi don't worry, i think that is encourage dog gadhafi. >> reporter: to answer critics who say he waited too long to act mr. obama said that the no- fly zone was established in 31 days. it took more than a year to do the same in bosnia and the clock is ticking for gadhafi. >> but it should be clear to those around gadhafi and to every libyan that history is not on gadhafi's side. >> reporter: the president said nato will take over leadership of the military action in libya on wednesday and economic sanctions will continue to try to press accordant gadhafi to step down. live from the newsroom, ken wayne, ktvu c
of this committee to protect america. >> peter king led a hearing about threats and called a father to testify about how his son converted to islam and was lured to a terrorist training camp in yemen. >> our children are in danger. this country must stand up and do something about the problems. >> they say it was fueling islamaphobia and fueling a war with islam. >> this is playing into al qaeda around the world. >> they accused king of scapegoating and stereotyping muslim americans and sobbed as he talked about a muslim american paramedic killed in the terrorist attacks. >> it was only when his remains were identified that these lies were exposed. >> congressman team said it is worthwhile and he says he will hold more hearings about the battle cassation of american muslims in -- about american muslims in the future. >>> peter king presented a flyer which was posted on the website for the bay area chapter on the council for american islamic relations. the local director told ktvu that the poster is being taken out of context and that their policy is to encourage cooperation with law enforcement. >>>
to san jose tonight for the film festival. james olmos was on hand for his new film america. the story tells the story of a woman who flees puerto rico to start her new life in america. cinequest began a week ago. >>> and she has a real story to tell. the granny who >>> only on 2, a bay area grandmother calls 911 after grabbing a gun and scaring off an intruding that was in her home. when someone broke into her home she fired off a .38. debra villalon talked to the woman. >> reporter: very sharp, very independent and before making that 911 call she had already taken action. >> i was in my bed, that's when i heard a noise. >> reporter: the noise woke her just before midnight. and seeing her hall light on, and knowing it shouldn't be, this senior took the revolver. >> when he saw me, he ran and i shot. >> reporter: identity secret for their own safety but proud. >> my mom has, you know has the will to live. and she loves life. she wants to be here. >> my mind told me, get them going. >> you didn't hesitate to fire it either? >> no, no. >> reporter: she inherented the gun more than 20 yea
tells us the hearing was called to examine whether muslim groups in america are doing too little to fight terrorism. >> the committee of homeland security will come to order. >> reporter: peter king made this the poster child on the radicalization of muslim americans. a flier promoting a know your rights event in oakland, the bay area care chapter briefly posted on its website in january. >> they are not well served by c.a.r.e. >> we thought the flier was being taken out of context. >> reporter: c.a.r.e. quickly took the poster off its website. the poster was first used by anti war protesters in the 70s. delu says c.a.r.e. took it down because it doesn't reflect c.a.r.e. policy. >> we do not want people to assume that we would not work with fbi. >> reporter: c.a.r.e. just sued the fbi for putting a gps tracker on a muslim america's car. c.a.r.e. was not invited to today's meeting. >> reporter: now she fears more hate crimes against muslim americans. rita williams, ktvu. >>> we have light showers today. there's clouds out there right now. overnight lows will be mild. maybe some pa
chevron latin america. >> we have a lot way to go and i think that requires to put it nicely some reform of the institution. >> phil says information technology on campus is one of the issues he would wac -- tackle as president. >> the accounting systems are our cane compared to the kind of things that chevron had. >> the members of the associated -- had been involved in the bidding process from the start. >> we -- in the state of c. we give opportunities for everybody to go to school. and i think a president what we need is we need business committed to that. >> all three candidates have very strong business experience. >> a committee of csu trustee's will ultimately decide which candidate will get the position. >> they know the system very well. so that means to say if any one of them have been hired. that means you have continuity here. >> the candidates have been narrowed down. who's joined in retirement for phil whit more after he left, back to you. >> thanks kyle. >>> the effects of tragedy in japan can be felt worldwide. people are st
francisco at 4:30 a.m. the brain is in high demand in new york so virgin america gave away airline tickets to them. >>> marine mammal experts want to get the word out about seal pups alone on the beach. the mothers are usually in the ocean looking for food and a people or dogs get too close, it may scare the mother away for good. >>> craving some breakfast at dinnertime? there is a deal happening right now. details on a slapped jack's spectacular. >>> more wet, windy weather is making its way to the area. meteorolgist rosemary orozco is tracking where it will be the strongest. >>> if there is no tv nearby, you can watch bay area news at 7:00 on your computer. we are streaming live on the web at >> crews are getting this boat ready for his next assignment. it's a -- it arrived by freighter on wednesday and planned to put the vessel on public display. meteorolgist rosemary orozco is here talking about something we should be seen by bedtime. >> the rain is on its way. the breeze right now, not too bad. 12 miles per hour in and around san francisco. there it is, 35 miles off the coa
the stadium will be completed once they get the necessary permitsism the first america's cup race in san francisco is 16 months away. regulators and environmentalists are meeting behind closed doors. there is concern about contamination of boat work and the damage from the thousands of people who are expected to watch the race from the field. a plan is set to be completed in seven months. >>> this is a live look here from our news chopper 2 above the berkeley campus. there is a dramatic protest taking place tonight. we we will have a live update for you. >>> you would think silicone valley wants to detour hacker bus today they were warmly welcomed today. >>> the rain clouds have moved out of the bay area. coming up, the neighborhood that will warm near 70 degrees tomorrow it. and when the rain clouds return for your weekend forecast. . >>> we continue to monitor developing news happening on the campus of uc berkeley. there are a lot of people outside of the wheeler hall. there are dozens of people in front of the ledge and people on the ledge. now, john, i understand police are also ther
of banc of america says he expects more profitable days ahead. >>> the figures show how california and the bay area are changing. which groups are growing and the one that is shrinking. >>> the explanation behind this video and why these never before seen images of the september 11 attacks are being released. >>> partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies. a warm-up is expected for tomorrow and some rain soon to follow. >> he had breaking news. a major earthquake off the coast of japan. the earthquake hit 15 minutes ago on the east coast of japan. building shook some 250 miles to the south in tokyo. a tsunami alert has been issued for the northeastern coast of japan. >>> the district's board meeting got underway in concord just about one hour ago. they are expected to vote for layered notices for 150 teachers. mount diablo faces a $122 million shortfall. >>> voters were headed to the polls today in a crucial vote on the taxes in a special election. rob roth explains. >> reporter: supporters of the measure went door to door today encouraging registered voters to cast their ballots. it wou
scam involving thieves using glue on atm keyboards. >> reporter: at this bank of america, there are three atms and hundreds of customers. >> i use the touchscreen even more than the keypad. >> reporter: the police captain says criminal activity has been underway long before you get there. >> we have a suspect that will come out and blue the mechanical keys. >> reporter: the suspect lingers and waits. >> a victim will come up, enter the card, a pin number and hit enter and that key sticks. >> reporter: they went inside the bridge to complained and by the time they came out it was too late. >> the suspect uses the touchscreen and withdraws money. >> reporter: with 22 victims, he logged onto the computers sending a tweet warning residents about the crime. >> times are hard right now. >> reporter: police arrested a 6-year-old man who faces a number of charges including felony vandalism and theft. investigators did not say what led them to demand but more suspects could be out there. >> if your car does not come out of the machine, do not walk away could you can call us or cal
. >>> there is new evidence tonight of america's booming latino population. over the last 10 years, latinos accounted for more than half of the population's growth. latino's now account for 16% of the country's population. >>> people moving to california and to the south help moved the country's population center 23 miles southwest to plato, missouri. for the last ten year, edgar springs missouri held that distinction. if current migration trends hold, the migration will move west ward in the decades ahead. >>> i stand for freedom. where do you stand? >>> during a three hour period, dozens of people took turns criticizing the commission at its meeting in san francisco today. opponents say smart immediaters emit radiation. pg & e says the meters are safer than microwaves. >> today the utilities submitted a proposal that would allow its residential customers to turn off their meters. but they would be billed to read the meter manually. >>> and pg & e might be fined $1 million for producing records. >>> more strong earnings reports and signs of a strengthen job market sent stocks higher on wall street t
stimulus money. transportation for america says nationally about 11% of bridges are deficient. but in the bay area there are more. in san francisco 34% of the bridges and overpasses are concerned deficient. for san mateo county it's 22%. >> as our bridges get older in the state, we're facing a bigger and bigger backlog of bridges that are considered unsafe. >> you can read the full report at just look for the right now section. >>> the california state university system may cut enrollment by 5% next year. it's part of the larger plan to deal with anticipated state budget cuts. governor brown is proposing cutting $500 million from the csu budget. right now the system's 23 campuses enroll about 412,000 students. >>> the legislature now needs to act by the end of the week if a special statewide election on tax extensions is to be held at the end of june. by law, counties must have at least 88 days to prepare for an election. however tonight the sacramento is announcing that governor brown will ask for an extension. >>> and the ktvu field poll shows that 54% california
francisco home prices were down 1.7%. >>> bank of america shareholders are suing the bank claiming they suffered as part of the fore closure process. you may recall the largest bank temporarily froze foreclosures. the suit filed yesterday in new york claims the company's mismanagement of home loans is to blame for the stock prices following 2.5%. >>> radiation from full body scanners may not be as dangerous as previously feared. >>> uc berkeley says the machines postno significant health threat. even though they use ionizing radiation which is known to cause cancer. they determined the doses are low, less than 1% of laid kwroeugs a person gets from flying in an airport -- of radiation a person gets from flying in an airport. >>> here in this napa valley >>> in napa tonight we're learning about a horrible discovery at a local vineyard. ktvu's rob roth tells us someone shot and killed three sheep who were grazing there and now several more are now missing. >> reporter: these sheep survived the slaughter, they've now been moved to this pen in fairfield. the sheep has been grazing on t
they tell us they are offering free rain ponchos. amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> bank of america customers in this country cannot access their accounts online. if you go to the website there's a message saying online banking is temporarily unavailable. the problem cropped up yesterday and returned today. b of a said an update of its website this past weekend was causing intermittent service disruptions. >>> the eyes of the tech world will be on san francisco tomorrow when apple unveils the i pad ii. there's even speculation that steve jobs will be there. he's currently out on a medical leave. apple isn't saying what new features the i pad will have but we will let you know tomorrow. >>> there's a chance that the salmon season could return tomorrow and it could be a full season. after cancelled or shortened seasons the last four years. california game officials say they are projecting about 3/4 of a million salmon in coastal waters. federal regulators are expected to come up with their recommendation next week. the salmon season usually begins in mid-april. >>> moderate to heavy t
, america is at war with islam. that's one of the main recruiting arguments. i think that's why we need to be careful about how we use the instrumentality of the government in investigative hearings. h e a rings. >> he objects to its singling out a particular community. >>> a wide earthquake hit this morning. there are no reports of any injuries of damage. meanwhile a strong magnitude 6.2 quake hit parts of chile this morning. it caused a rock slide on the border with bolivia. several quakes have rattled northern chile recently. most of them a magnitude five or less. but last year a magnitude quake killed 800 people. >>> people had to be rescued when an oil rig caught fire today. this coast guard video shows the rig burning about 50 miles south of grand isle on the louisiana coast. the men were picked up but a good samaritan. the rig's owner said the facility had been shut down two weeks ago and was not producing oil during the time of the fire. there are no reports of any leaks from the fire. >>> nearing the end, what the astronauts aboard the space shuttle discovery will be doing tom
's forces, the bay area house democrats are chastising the president for not outlining america's role sooner and not consulting with congress. north bay congresswoman lynn woolsey and mike honda of san jose want an immediate end to the bombing, saying this. >> he did the right thing. >> reporter: but california democratic senator barbara boxer defends the president's handling of the crisis. >> anyone who says he should have waited doesn't feel the sense of urgency that many of us feel that this man was about to destroy his own people. >> reporter: republicans, too, want clarity tonight. house speaker wants further explanation on both the purpose and goals of the mission in libya. reporting live tonight here in san francisco, i'm heather holmes, ktvu, channel 2 news. [ music ] >> the wet weather force as venue change for brittney spear's free concert in san francisco. why that's being met with both disappointment and relief. >>> and tomorrow morning's commute will be as bad as they come. i will be back in about ten minutes with the latest computer models that take you right through . >>> it w
around latin america and saw firsthand the effects of extreme poverty and repression. che helped fidel castro rise to power in 1959. >>> 35 hours after one u.s. rocket crashed into the ocean, another on a top secret mission, successfully lifted off from cape canaveral this evening. >> and liftoff of the united launch alliance atlas 5 rocket carrying the second otv. >> atop the rocket is the unmanned x37b spacecraft which some believe is a u.s. spy satellite. the air force deny that is claim. the craft looks like a smaller version of the space shuttle both designed to glide back to earth. there are reports it will stay in orbit for nine months. today's successful launch of the atlas 5 from florida follows yesterday's crash of a rocket from van denburg air force base in southern california. the $434 satellite named glory fell into the pacific ocean after failing to reach orbit. >> a very different kind of balloon flight in la where dozens of balloons lifted a flying house into the air. national geographic released this video today of their successful attempt to imitate a flying house fro
. >> reporter: bank of america 19th and geary, home to three atms and hundreds of customers. >> i can use the touch screen more than i even use the key pad. >> reporter: the key pad is getting customers in trouble. richmond district police captain says the criminal activity is underway long before you even get there. >> we have a crime where a suspect will come out, glue the mechanical keys, the enter key, the cancel key and the clear key. >> reporter: with the glue in place, the suspect lingers and waits. >> a victim will come up, enter the card. a pin number and hit enter. that key sticks. >> reporter: frustrated that the buttons were stuck and the card wouldn't pop out, police say the customers actually left the atm, went inside the branch to complain. but by the time they came out, it was too late. they had been watched and ripped off. >> when the suspect comes up using the touch screen and withdraws money from the account. >> reporter: with 22 victims in the city in nine weeks he logged on to the computer and sent out a tweet warning residents about the sticky crime. >> criminals are
of america's nuclear plants and their spent nuclear fuel rods. diane finestein said she recent live toured the canyon's power plant. she learned that spent fuel rods are stored in pools similar to those leaking radiation at the damaged japanese plant. one expert said that's common practice in the u.s. >> the pools are often housed in buildings with sheet metal siding like that in a storage shed. i have nothing against the quality of sears storage sheds but they are not suitable for nuclear waste storage. >> the head of the nuclear regulatory commission said at some u.s. plants spent rods are stored behind reinforced concrete walls. >>> a beautiful sunset after a warm day and temperatures near 90 tomorrow. our chief meteorologist bill martin has tomorrow's forecast in eight minutes. >> the storms are gone and the problems remain. coming up we will show you three homes suddenly sitting on the edge. [ music ] >> well she impressed the judges on . >>> in the south bay a 97-year- old woman had to be rescued from behind a landslide late today. the slide has cut off dozens of residents on croy ro
rd america's cup. >> right now, it's going to be going into storage and will be there probably for the next several months, but we're working on a plan to enable the residents of san francisco to be able to get up and close and touch it. >> the boat arrived about two weeks before a new study is said to be released. it will show how much the property deals made to bring the race to san francisco will actually cost the city. >>> and we've got some showers showing up in the north part of the state, those showers will spread south tonight. they'll move south overnight and into tomorrow, and that means rain in your forecast. highs tomorrow will be about the same. i think it will be a little bit warmer as we get with a little bit of a southerly wind. it's a cool start tomorrow morning, temperatures in the mid-30s, upper 30s in the cold spots, warmer than it has been. this low pressure center drops down. the last storms we had over the weekend, those were arctic air mass storms. this is mild air, a lot of water being held up in here so as this thing moves onshore, we could see inch, i
afternoon. >>> can you unplug starting at sundown tonight until sundown tomorrow america is being asked to unplug its electronic devices. easier said than done. [ music ] >> and new information tonight about a south bay . >>> new at 10, the challenge is on. can americans turn off technology for 24 hours? right now the second annual national day of unplugging is underway. ktvu's deborah villalon is in san francisco where she saw some people plugged in who are finding it easier than others. deborah? >> reporter: well, first to clarify, we don't want you to unplug your t.v. this event is aimed at smart phones. at social networking, tweets and texts. and asks what can we live without? dog leash in one hand, smart phone in the other. diego gets his walk while paul stays online. he says his tech is in balance. >> for the work that i'm in, it is nice to know how it works and why people do what they do and how they use it. but it is not me. i would rather be out biking or hiking or camping. >> and doing those things with no gadgets in hands is what this weekend's abstinence is all about. >> i c
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